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Welcome to my web site. Here, you will get updates on my writings, readings and public speaking. You will also get a link to my veterinary services if you live in Colorado.

But first, the long awaited book is here!

Call it Tears Run Dry or simply TRD, the memoir of courage through racism, tribalism, and poverty is published and is available on Amazon, Createspace and Kindle.

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In addition to being a fascinating story, this memoir will:

·       Raise public awareness about the plight of African children

·       Give greater insight into the events surrounding the Rwandan Genocide

·       Give hope and courage to those who have experienced discrimination, poverty, and war

Demonstrate human perseverance in the face of great odds

Here's more....

Tears Run Dry
is not just the story of one life. It reflects the story of my tribe, the Tutsi: unwanted and persecuted, we have struggled to adapt and be strong in the face of discrimination. It reflects a struggle that people all over the world face every day:  the struggle to be treated with respect and equality.

Watch this space for TV and Radio appearances
 to discuss Tears Run Dry.



About Veterinary Medicine

 Patrick Kalenzi, DVM

I am certified by the American Veterinary Medical Association. A native of Uganda, Africa, I received my doctor of veterinary medicine degree from Makerere University.

My love of companion animals and desire to help them, the zeal to learn more and do better brought me to the U.S., where I was certified by the Education Commission for Foreign Graduates.

I practice Veterinary Medicine in Boulder Colorado. I enjoy being a part of my community and helping animals when I am not writing or enjoying family time.

E-mail me @ patrickkalenzi@gmail.com for veterinary services.
You can send me a facebook message @https://www.facebook.com/patrick.kalenzi





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